Mélanie Laleu


Mélanie Laleu

Mélanie has a Master's degree in audiovisual and multimedia communication and works as a production manager in an audiovisual production company. At the same time, she started to write. In 2008, she created La Main Productions with four other collaborators. She will produce her first short film with the company in 2011-2012. In 2012, she co-wrote her first feature film Zim Zam with Baptiste Gourden and the producer Pascal Barbier from A Travers Le Miroir. In 2016, A Travers Le Miroir, in co-production with Offshore, produced her 2nd short film Noyade Interdite, which met with great success at festivals and was pre selected for the Cesars. In 2018, she co-wrote and co-directed Elle s'appelait Baby. In June 2022, she shoots her 3rd short film in solo Binaud & Claude, produced by A Travers Le Miroir inco-production with White Boat Pictures. Mélanie continues to develop several fiction projects including a first feature film.

Synopsis :

Binaud would like to tell the story of his love for Claude, the slowest cashier in the world, but he is questioned by the police.

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