Abdelkrim Ouakrim


Abdel Karim Wakrim

Abdel Karim Wakrim is a Writer and film critic. He is the editor-in-chief of cinematic magazine “Cinephilia” and the culture magazine "Tanja Al Adabiya”. He published the following books: “Questions on Film Directing in Morocco” (2003), “Writings on Cinema” (2010), “New Experiences in Moroccan Cinema” (2013), “International Cinemas, Films and Directors... Readings on Different Experiences” (2018), “Arab Cinema “New Experiences and Currents” (2021) and “New Women’s Cinematic Experiences, A Reading of Maghreb Films” (2023). He has an unpublished novel called “Pain.” He was Member of the jury in several local and international film festivals, including the jury of the “Cinema Paths” Festival in Portugal (2014), “Critics Week Competition” at the 39th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (2017), “Critics Week Competition” jury (2017). Sardinia Film Festival, Italy (2019).