Amal Al-Shammari, Hossein Heydar


Amal Al-Shammari & Hossein Heydar

Synopsis :
Based on the real-life childhood events of writer-director Amal Al-Shammari, FRAIHA recounts her inspirational childhood memory when AMAL (6) was helped to overcome her classroom literacy struggles by her loving mother FRAIHA (45).

Directors Biography :
Amal Al-Shamari is the founder and CEO of Embrace Doha, Embrace Doha, a first of its kind consultation company in Qatar, offering a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, companies, and organisations, founded in 2014. Amal also is a co-founder and creative director of Nefaish animation, a Qatari animation studio specialized in producing high quality animation inspired by the Qatari culture. Besides Embrace Doha and Nefaish Animation, Amal is also working full-time at ORYX GTL (Oil and Gas Sector) as the Head of Strategy and Business Planning Department since 2014. Amal graduated from Qatar Leadership Center and she recently graduated from Raising Leaders program 2018.Today, she is seen by many Arab women as a role model that has influenced them a positive way, helping shape the country in the present and what it will be in the future. Amal graduated with Bachelors Degree in Management Administration at Qatar University in 2011. She speaks Arabic as her native language, but is also fluent in English.

Hossein Heydar is an accomplished entrepreneur and holds a BA in Film and 3D Animation from Multimedia University in Malaysia. He worked for the first Qatari Mobile app company and is currently Managing Director of Nefaish Animation. He has extensive experience working as an animation director, 3D animator, storyteller, scriptwriter and creative thinker. ​