Aziz Bakour, Said Bakour


Aziz Bakour & Said Bakour

Synopsis :
This story teaches us that when we always consume news about other people's problems, we never think that our problems might as well be on the trending news lists. The guardian didn't want to consume other people's problems so he was aiming to escape the circle of negativity through joyful music on the radio. However, the problems came to him, dragging him in via any possible medium; first by sound, then touch, then visuals and text! and as he fell into the trap of being interested in other sadness he became a headline in the newspaper himself.

Directors Biography :
I am Aziz Bakour, a designer and professional in 3D and 2D programs. I worked on modeling and animation and presented successful and creative solutions to well-known companies. I did a lot of artwork and animated 3D characters.

I am Said Bakour a motivated, adaptable, and responsible CGI Artist with 5 years of experience in various related fields seeking a position in an animation festival that will utilize the professional and technical skills developed through past work experiences in those fields.
I have a methodical, client-focused approach to work and a strong drive to see things through to completion, besides the fact that I can speak 3 different languages which makes my communication effective. ​