Elias Suhail


Elias Suhail​

Synopsis :
A young Moroccan mother, trapped in a mundane existence, confronts her dreams and fears, leading to the agonising decision to forsake all she knows, even her children. Blending cinemá verite with superstition and allegory, the film draws from the director's own family history, highlighting the complexities of maternal sacrifice and defiance against patriarchal norms.

Director Biography : Elias is a British-Moroccan writer and filmmaker whose works steadily gaining attention for his compelling stories that traverse borders and challenge norms. His short story, 'The Horrors I Have Seen' was selected from more than 750 submissions to 'A Writing Chance' in 2021, an initiative co-developed by New Writing North and actor, Michael Sheen. This acknowledgement signalled Elias's entry into commissioned writing. Elias has since contributed several creative nonfiction pieces to the New Statesman, had work featured on BBC Sounds as well as performed to sell-out live audiences. His film, 'Beneath a Mother's Feet', brought to life with the support of the BFI Network, is loosely inspired by his own mother's difficult experience of walking out of her life in Morocco and leaving her young children behind. The film, which blends the styles of cinema verité and surrealism and is interspersed with elements of superstition and metaphor, marks Elias’s debut film as a screenwriter and director. His work is interested in creating complex characters and narratives that resist simplicity, aiming to compel a deeper questioning of our ethical and moral frameworks.