Ho-seung Lee


Ho-Seung Lee

Synopsis :
Du-hyun is in the middle of a trial for committing and simple assault.
One day, his future mother-in-law visits and asks for his criminal records.
It’s a vicious world and she just wants to make sure that her daughter is in good hands.

Director Biography : Ho-seung Lee is a filmmaker from South Korea.
He got his BFA in Film at Seoul Institute of the Arts.
From [The Fugitive] in 2013, directed 5 short film til [I Beg For] 2023.
His 2019 short film [PLAY] was screened at the Buffalo International Film Festival and Horrorfest International.
Now he is work as an assistant director in Korean Drama and films.
He participated in production in the recently released Drama Series [PAYBACK] and Feature film [The Devil's Deal]. And the Disney+ original [The Worst Evil] is also set to be unveiled in the second half of 2023.