Mabrouka Khedir


Mabrouka Khedir

Mabrouka Khedir is a seasoned video journalist and correspondent for DW TV and TV5. She is a respected freelance investigative journalist, contributing to platforms like Alqatiba and Al Arabiya channel. She is also the founder of “COSMOS Media,” the first digital platform in Tunisia dedicated to environmental journalism.

As an investigative journalist and a filmmaker, Mabrouka  have a special interest in environmental issues and have made several reports and produced a number of documentary films focusing on the environment and climate change in Tunisia .Her environmental film “fuel fishing “ was selected as the  best work in the International Anti-corruption Film festival (RIFAC/Tunisia 2018)

She is also  jury member in cinema festivals in Tunisia and North Africa.

Beyond her journalistic roles, Mabrouka is an international media development expert and trainer, collaborating with institutions like Deutsche Welle Akademie and the European Union Program PAMT1/PAMT2. She is a proficient film director and owns the 4K Production Company, specializing in environmental documentaries.

Mabrouka is a founding member of the Takallam for Freedom of Speech Association and the Islander Kids Association. She previously taught at the IPSI (Institute of Press and Information Sciences) in Tunis and is an active member of the Tunisian Coalition of Facilitators (TCF). Her diverse contributions make her a notable figure in journalism and media development.